All businesses want to improve their facilities, and choosing which projects to prioritize can be difficult. So why retrofit your lighting system to LED? LED lighting retrofits provide the quickest ROI of any energy related capital expense. It also improves lighting quality, morale, and productivity in the workplace. By swapping to LED you also reduce the energy consumption of your lighting system by up to 70%. This not only affects your billed kWh, but can improve the demand rate of your facility as well. These lights last longer and require much less maintenance than existing systems. With an LED retrofit you can eliminate bulbs and ballasts completely, allowing your maintenance team to focus on other projects. LED lighting is better for the environment. By using less energy they reduce fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emission.

Benefits of Retrofitting

Lower Energy Costs

Lower Maintenance Costs

Brighter Workplaces

Better for the Environment


Many clients want to upgrade their lighting, but they don’t have the working capital to do it. That is why LIT offers our Performance Contract. We will amortize your project, at competitive rates, and form the payments around the energy savings you realize from retrofitting. You are essentially letting your new LED system pay for itself with the same money you would have been paying your utility company.