Light the Way with a LIT Retrofit

Light Improvement Technologies is an LED lighting company focused on improving the efficiency, quality, and longevity of our Commercial and Industrial clients’ lighting systems, while substantially reducing operating and maintenance costs. We begin with a detailed assessment of a company’s existing lighting system. We then provide a turn-key, cost-effective, proposal for your review. Using our experience, along with long-term relationships with vendors and contractors across the country, we at LIT are confident that we can provide your business with an LED lighting upgrade that will burn brighter, last longer, and cost less to operate.

Benefits of Retrofitting

Lower Energy Costs

Lower Maintenance Costs

Brighter Workplaces

Better for the Environment

Retrofitting makes Dollars and Sense


Annual Energy Savings
by LIT Clients


Billable Kilowatt Hours Eliminated Annually


Annual Maintenance Savings
by LIT Clients

Ready to make the switch?